May 21, 2008

The inflation is rising everyday. For that the finance minister has the right advice. He has asked all Indians to remain patient. he says that inflation will come down,  in time. Be patient till then. I have no more comments except that Indians are terribly unlucky to have such a minister.


India- focusiing on rubble

May 18, 2008

I enjoyed this blog entry. The focus being on rubble in India. Lovely reading.

India- A big contrast

May 18, 2008

India has emerged as a leading IT power. at the same time we have bride burning, honor killing, dowry deaths and other social evils that create an impression that many Indians are still living in dark ages. What a contrast!

Journey to india blog

May 18, 2008

I hope that this blog-
will be quite interesting.

Match after blast

May 18, 2008

Was it correct to have a match in Jaipur two days after the blast when hundreds are still grieving about loss of human lives? or should we look at the other way that come what may, the show goes on.

How are blast victims looking at the whole issue?

Jaipur Blasts- Prime Minister Condems

May 16, 2008

Prime Minister has condemned the Jaipur Blasts. If the death toll had been more he would have condemned the blast in more severe words.

I have no words about this. I can only pray that God gives strength to those who have lost their loved ones.

Indian billionares do not donate

May 13, 2008

Has anybody heard about any billionaire of India making donations like gates or Buffet? I do not know why, but they do not donate liberally. India is being aided by Gates Foundation to fight AIDS. What should I say about Indian billionaires? do they like this fact? Are they not unhappy that gates has to come and help India?

as far as they do not have to part with money, they are not unhappy about anything.

Congress leaders- Test them for loyalty

May 12, 2008

All the Congress leaders should undergo loyalty test. CBI may be asked to conducts these tests using lie detectors and other modern methods such as Narco. Once the tests are done the disloyal leaders should be thrown out of the party and most loyal leaders be promoted.

But for God’s sake in a country where farmers commit suicide this nonsense must stop forever.

What if Bush had been asked this about India?

May 11, 2008

I wonder about the comment of Bush about food shortages where he mentioned both India and China as part of the reason. Suppose he had only mentioned China? Would Indians have felt bad?

What if somebody had asked G. Bush – whether Indian prosperity mattered as far as food shortages was concerned and he had answered that no- in India millions still go hungry.

How would we have reacted as Indians?

Honour killings on the rise in India: Women’s group

May 11, 2008

Learn more about how some Indian villagers are protecting their honor by killing.
Click- Honour killings on the rise in India: Women’s group